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A Fast Way To
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ClearPoint Consumer Counseling Solutions

ClearPoint Consumer Counseling Solutions is a nonprofit community service agency, dedicated to helping individuals and families with money problems, whose services are available free of charge.

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The Affordable Care Act is creating new opportunities for you and your family to get affordable health insurance.

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A Fast Way To
Locate Help Near You


WeConnectUS Happy #Friday! Tell us what you’re doing this #weekend! Walk in the park? Backyard picnic? #gethealthy #healthyliving
WeConnectUS This is a high #allergy time – so make sure you and your family goes to the doctor’s office ASAP for preventive care!
WeConnectUS It’s #WellnessWednesday – what are you doing to stay healthy in body and mind this week?
WeConnectUS Here’s a whole page w/ resources dedicated 2 helping families and individuals keep healthy, fresh food on the table!
WeConnectUS What better way to spend #WellnessWednesday than to take care of yourself and your family!


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